L.A. Times Profiles Anschutz

Washington Examiner publisher and owner (and historically media shy personality) Philip Anschutz was described as “the Wizard of Oz” in an L.A. Timesspecial report over the weekend. In addition to being on the road to creating a newspaper empire, he owns The Washington Examiner, The San Francisco Examiner and The Baltimore Examiner.

Anschutz apparently is also after the title of “real estate mogul,” at least in Los Angeles, where his projects include the Staples Center and the Harbor Freeway.

According to one economist quoted for the article, “‘[Anschutz] is the man behind the curtain pulling the levers. Nobody sees him, yet he has a huge impact on Los Angeles.’ “

Mr. Anschutz, could you be the man behind the curtain in Washington, too? D.C.’s infrastructure could really use your help … could you spare a little pocket change to fix a few of our infamous potholes and work our way up from there?