L.A. Record Holding Family Radio End-of-the-World Mix Tape Contest

As everyone knows, the end of the world is coming in 8 days. At least you’d know that if you’d been listening to Family Radio on KFRN 1280 in Long Beach. Harold Camping, the Oakland-based cult leader who runs Family Radio, says Jesus is coming on May 21st–to kill your ass.

In preparation for their fiery deaths, the good folks at L.A. RECORD are holding a “Judgment Day” mixtape contest.

L.A. RECORD is seeking contributions of original songs written for and inspired by this special occasion, the end of the world, the rapture, jesus, terminator 2, etc. Send your song to fortherecord@larecord.com by May 20! Please put “Judgment Day Mixtape Submission” in the subject of your email.

There are no prizes, but heralding the end times with your amazing musical taste does give you serious indie cred with Jesus.

Make sure to get your submission in by May 20th.

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