L.A. JEMM Publisher Gets Defensive About Stealing Stories

Last month, an LA Weekly article about the growth of medical marijuana print media noted that local mag L.A. JEMM (Los Angeles Journal for Education on Medical Marijuana) was reprinting content from other publications without permission. Publisher Ruben MacBlue penned an emotional response to the LAW article in L.A. JEMM‘s latest issue, vigorously defending his unauthorized use of copyrighted material. His justification? “These same articles can be found on tons of websites all over the internet.” Clearly copyright law is not Mr. MacBlue’s specialty.

Upon learning that their content had been used without permission, the L.A. Times and the L.A. Daily News both told the LAW they would issue cease-and-desist letters to JEMM. But MacBlue doesn’t seem to have taken the hint. While the latest issue of his magazine doesn’t have any articles by the LAT or Daily News, it does contain stories from the Denver Post, Philadelphia Inquirer, Seattle Times, Orange County Register, Oakland Tribune and Sacramento Bee. Chances are none of them were paid for, unlike JEMM‘s many ads.

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