L.A. Employees Asked to Stop Watching Olympics Online

If the Olympics have been a solid distraction from working the past week or so, you’re not alone.

Apparently, they’re so popular in City Hall in Los Angeles that employees have been asked to curtail watching the Summer Games during office hours!

According to The Los Angeles Times, Randi Levin, the chief technology officer, sent an e-mail to city employees and asked them to stop watching online at work.

It sounds like the e-mail wasn’t just sent to boost workers’ productivity — the significant volume of online traffic started affecting city operations!

Low and behold, after receiving the e-mail, employees got the message loud and clear since the city’s computer system returned back to normal the following day.

Mark Wolf, an executive officer with the city’s information technology agency, told The Associated Press, “It had spiked about 20 percent. It was not enough to impact business applications, but it was enough to give us a nudge to see what it was. We looked into it and saw it was attributed to the Olympics video.”

Considering it took up a considerable amount of bandwith, this raises another issue: Employees get paid to work, not watch the Olympics.

Although other cities haven’t reported sending a mass e-mail, Darren Pudgil, spokesperson for Mayor Jerry Sanders of San Diego, indicated their employees are paid to work, not watch TV on their work computer or their own iPad.

“If they are observed watching television, whether it’s the Olympics or Oprah, we’ll take appropriate action.”

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