Kylie Jenner Gets Rolled on Twitter for ‘Modeling’ in a Wheelchair

Reason No. 42,739 why they hate us.

One sex tape has created a decade of pain, close to a dozen pseudo-celebrities, and a few “reality” shows. Thanks a lot, Ray J!

The Kardashian wheelbarrow continues to pile in adoration from fans, and now, we’re on to ‘Kardashians: The Next Generation.’ And entering into the fray is the young starlet, Kylie Jenner.

Now that folk have her thinking she is some sort of “America’s Next Top Model,” Kylie is taking her brand out for a spin… literally. Interview magazine was looking to make a splash, make an impression, and make headlines.

They did, only not-so-much.

As you can see, Kylie has legs that work just fine but there she is — sitting in a wheelchair, looking like a mannequin left out in the shade for way too long. And that’s when this happened:

That’s Ophelia Brown, noted disability activist, whom understandably took umbrage with this asinine “fashionable” photo shoot. As she sparked the rest of Twitter (seen below), there is still one question: Aren’t there real models that actually need a wheelchair?

Yeah, she probably speaks for a nation. Take it away, Twitter. Throw Kylie and Interview under…well, use your imagination.