Kwame Brown, TWT Columnist Now Gun Buddies

T WT‘s Emily Miller and D.C. Council Chairman Kwame Brown went shooting at a gun range in Virginia last Friday. Miller detailed the experience in a column published Tuesday.

A bit from the piece:

Mr. Brown was not afraid of the gun. On his first try, all his rounds landed in the blue part of the silhouette target. “Great job,” I said, after bringing back the target to get a closer look.

“Not good enough. Put it back out there. Let’s do it again,” he said. … We decided he needed a new paper target to show his improvement. “I’m gonna tear this up,” he said, clipping up another blue target, and he did.

Brown apparently enjoyed himself. On Tuesday’s City Council meeting, Miller handed Brown a copy of the newspaper featuring his picture (a good picture; not the kind Brown usually sees of himself in the Washington Examiner, which notoriously runs shots that make him look like he has just been taken down to the station) on the front page, next to Miller’s column. Miller snapped a shot of Brown admiring the spread along with Councilwoman Mary Cheh.

Miller explained that the picture is…

the moment just before the Council passed a new law making it easier to register a legal gun in D.C. “The turnaround is what’s remarkable,” she said. “Six months ago I asked him if he believed in the Second Amendment. He wouldn’t answer! Just said, ‘I don’t support having more guns in the District of Columbia.'”

Miller described Brown’s reaction to us: “He said, ‘Tell them Emily, I was a really good shot,’ pointing at the paper to Cheh. ‘See this? I got all those near the center. Look at those in the head, I got all those and the target was far back. Right, Emily? Tell them how far back it was.'”

D.C’s City Council voted Tuesday to make the process of becoming a gun owner easier and less expensive.