Kushner on Politicker: “I’m still very bullish on the business plan”

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We chatted with Jared Kushner this afternoon, to talk about the staff reductions and changes taking place at his online publication, Politicker.

“As far as this as a journalism model, it can work,” said Kushner. “It’s a very nimble organization. It’s a model that can work. I still do believe in it, which is why I’m doing it on a more scaled down basis. … I’m still very bullish on the business plan. … The good thing about being an Internet business, you don’t have legacy restraints and you can call audible and react to the times around you and figure how to make the model work.”

Kushner was sure to point out the Politicker’s successes and praise the staffers that remain as well as those who were let go.

“I’m so proud of what we’ve done. I really love this business and believe in it. … We were very ambitious and we took on something hat no one’s ever done before. … From a traffic point of view and a buzz point of view, we were very successful. … We did assembly an incredible group of reporters who are very talented and they were great at being efficient and fast. They know the web really, really well.”

Kushner is also not ruling out additional Politicker sites in the future (or at least returning to the ones that are being shut down).

“The model is right and once we have the platform — which we’re going to build very firmly on a regional basis, we’ll be able to think about expansion plans on a strategic basis.”

>Politico’s Michael Calderone also chatted with Kushner.