Kushner defends ‘Munich’, proves himself more eloquent than Rob Schneider

kushner.jpgIn the LAT Sunday Current section, Tony Kushner eloquently defended ‘Munich’ (which he co-wrote with Eric Roth) against various ideological charges: that it’s anti-Semitic, anti-Arab, a fabrication of history, and so forth. I agree with everything he says, though I’m sure somebody’s going to pounce on this:

In the film, the Palestinian-Israeli conflict is presented not as a matter of religion versus religion, or sanity versus insanity, or good versus evil or civilization versus barbarism or Judeo-Christian culture versus Muslim culture, but rather as a struggle over territory, over geography, over home.

We’ve followed the lead of many Israeli historians, novelists, filmmakers, poets and politicians who have recognized and described the Israeli-Palestinian struggle this way — as something tragic and human, recognizable.

Because, of course, many would argue that the “struggle over terriotry” is one facet of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and to emphasize this aspect at the expense of all others is an enormous distortion. And, if nothing else, ‘Munich’ might have been a more exciting movie with a more nuanced sense of the conflict’s history.

But we digress. This being a media blog, the point is that Kushner wins the award for Most Eloquent Defense Of A Movie In The Media By One Of The Movie-Makers. Of course, the competition isn’t that stiff.