Kurtz’s Weekend WTF Moment

Howard Kurtz, host of CNN “Reliable Sources” and Daily Beast‘s Washington Bureau Chief, sometimes tries to be funny on his weekend media show. But the result can be more hokey than humorous.

We really hate playing hall monitor to a host whose program includes a “Media Monitor” segment intended to critique the media. But this past weekend not only did Kurtz commit a funny failure, but the joke didn’t make a shred of sense.

The discussion turned to Google Buzz, an email perk that didn’t go over well with consumers when they learned their contacts could all see one another. Steve Levy, a senior writer for Wired, former Newsweek tech writer and author of In the Plex, explained, “A woman’s contacts were open to her ex-husband.”

At which point Kurtz, in an attempted to shift to the next topic (or something), remarked, “I knew somebody would be getting divorced over this.”

Now, Howie, does this make any sense whatsoever? Clearly the woman with her “ex-husband” was already divorced.