Kurtz Settles Scores, Part II

Speaking of Howard Kurtz and last week’s “Reliable Sources” show with Anderson Cooper on New Orleans coverage, he also used the end of his show yesterday to settle a little score with New York Post gossip queen Cindy Adams.

Here’s the transcript:

“We told you last week how New Orleans chef Emeril Lagasse was disputing an account by New York Post gossip columnist Cindy Adams, who said she had overheard the Food Network star dissing local leaders and doubting the city could ever come back.

“We called Adams’ office several times but no response. Now the gossip queen writes that while she’s sorry to have caused Emeril grief, she does not tell untruths in her column. ‘Any writers/editors/fact-checkers/reporters who suggest that on air better watch their mouths.’

“Now, I don’t know whether Emeril made these remarks or not, which is why we kept trying to reach Cindy Adams, who I happen to like, to get her side of the story. But there’s one thing in her column that made me question her attention to detail. She said the story was carried on Anderson Cooper‘s Sunday CNN report.

“Actually, Cindy, it’s my show. Just look, my hair is much darker. Anderson was just a guest last week talking about New Orleans and Hurricane Katrina, but not, I assure you, Emeril Lagasse.

“Bam! I guess I’m just not one of the boldfaced names you are accustomed to writing about.”