Kurtz: Obituaries of Clinton’s Campaign Were Premature

Earlier today, Howard Kurtz held his weekly chat where he covered such topics as the pundits that predicted the end of Hillary Clinton’s presidential bid following her loss in Iowa, Howard’s ranking as the 34th most influential pundit in the U.S., and the alleged feud between Arianna Huffington and Tim Russert. Some excerpts:

    Oviedo, Fla.: Came across a January issue of Time magazine with a story about how Sen Clinton was “over” and other deathwatch words of “wisdom.” Here we are approaching mid-May with the same thing being said about North Carolina and Indiana. Is this “she’s dead now” chorus impossible to mute? There doesn’t seem to be any particular harm in the race going this way, does there? The fact that it isn’t all preordained is less canned, less rote than normal. Good. Can’t the bloggers and others just wait and watch?

    Howard Kurtz: Some pundits have been writing Clinton off since she lost Iowa. Somehow she refuses to stay dead. Now it’s true, as we get closer to the end of the primaries, that the math works against Hillary and the only way she can catch Obama is to persuade enough superdelegates to in effect overturn his lead among pledged delegates. But we should have learned by now about the danger of premature obituaries.

    Kettering, Ohio: So you were only 34th on the list. Just wait until next year, when the swimsuit phase is part of the competition!

    Howard Kurtz: I’ll start working on my abs now, just in case.

    Somerdale, N.J.: Howie, is it true that Arianna Huffington has been disinvited from MSNBC because she criticizes Tim Russert? I read that she was supposed to go on “Morning Joe” and “Countdown,” but her invitation was canceled.

    Howard Kurtz: That’s what Arianna Huffington says; I don’t know if she was booked on those programs or not. I had seen her with Keith Olbermann and Dan Abrams, so it’s a bit surprising if she’s not on now. Fortunately for her, she’s been able to promote her book on CNN, Good Morning America and elsewhere.