Kurtz Is Confused About His Owner’s Status

From yesterday’s chat:

    Raleigh, N.C.: Good afternoon!
    As someone with a background in history, it strikes me (with all due respect) that journalists writing on certain kinds of issues, such as political trends or international affairs, lack historical knowledge and perspective. What kind of requirements are there at a major paper or wire service for writers on those kinds of topics to be historically informed? Does The Post retain an historical consultant as a resource for its reporters? If not, should it?

    Howard Kurtz: Well, it was the late Don Graham who famously described newspapers as providing “the first rough draft of history.” No paper that I know of has a resident historian, but the best beat reporters obviously know the history of the areas they cover.

He later corrected:

    San Francisco: Wait, when did Don Graham die? Or do you mean his father, Phil?

    Howard Kurtz: The late Phil Graham, of course. Typing too fast here. Don, we love you.