Kurtz Endorses Jello Wrestling

Jello.jpegIn Howard Kurtz’s weekly chat today, he dealt with all sorts of boring topics like Jeff Gannon, Jim Guckert, Talon News, and why the Post is conspiring to support the Bush administration.

The highlight, as selected by Fishbowl’s online chat focus group:

Question: If you were president of CNN, what would you do to boost ratings to a level that rivals Fox News?

Howard Kurtz: Jello wrestling.

It also appears that some bloggers–especially those who disagree with Kurtz’s politics–might want to dig around in his past and see why he made the following incriminating-sounding statements today:

Kurtz: I’ve gotten day passes to go over to the White House maybe 100 times, and believe me, it doesn’t involve an FBI background check.

Kurtz: We’re not allowed to do drugs anymore. One of those annoying corporate media rules.

(Note: We’ve done our best to remove all context from these quotes to make them appear as damaging as possible. Actual quotes may not be so interesting when presented in context.)