Kuby: Radio Hosts Have As Much Security as Chickens on a Poultry Farm


Why do terrestrial radio shows shift formats with such blinding speed? Is it something about the nature of the medium? The Curtis and Kuby in the Morning Show is, by any standard measure, successful. But the radioactive Don Imus, with his built-in notoriety — which works for radio — and his A-list Rolodex (even better) will be taking over the perch they have occupied for years. It doesn’t seem fair.

FishbowlNY asked Ron Kuby his thoughts on the matter, and he emailed this response:

”I never thought that Imus should lose his job for what he said–but neither do I think that he should get mine. Radio hosts are well-compensated, but we have no more security than do chickens on a poultry farm. Obviously the people who run the company that bought ABC Radio think it makes sense — no one asked me for my input.

” For my part, I have tried to do a show that brings out the best in my audience–their intelligence, decency, and kindness. I have tried to be entertaining and informative and passionate.”

”Millions of listeners have let the Curtis and Kuby show into their homes over these years; we have joined them in the car, on the way to school and work, over the breakfast table, and in the shower. Yikes! It is wonderful work and I have loved the role that I have been able to play waking up New York City every morning.”

(image via nyradioguide)