Ku: a social network for haikus, poets, and writers seeking better status updates


Social networks are not entirely known for their prolific prose, but if you are a lover of poetry, why not give Ku a chance? Yes, that’s the ku in Haiku.

Ku lets you:
• Write your moment in a 3 lined note called “ku”
• Draw and add a doodle to your ku!
• Personalize your “ku” by adding a picture
• Read, like and comment on “kus” by other users
• Get instantly inspired with our guided writing path
• Share “kus” you love on Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr
• Be a part of our growing vibrant community
• Add sound to your ku!

Be prepared to flex your writing skills, because as we all know, simplicity comes at a cost, but when it’s with words, it can also be succinctly beautiful.

Here is how the app helps gets you get creative with your haikus: users get three lines to create their own ku, based on the traditional 5-7-5 structure of Haikus. If you’re feeling uninspired, the app asks you three questions based on typical status updates like the weather, where you’re at, or how you feel. By combining the three together in a particular order with word limits, the kus come across as minimal prose.

If words alone are not enough, you can also add your own photos or draw up something using that app’s doodling tools. There’s also a way to add sounds. After you are done ku-ing, you can share to Twitter or Facebook. It’s optional, but you can also add your ‘kus to the public ‘kus on Ku where there are plenty of other ‘ku-makers.