Mark Kriski Still Hospitalized, But Recovering

Everyone has been wondering what’s up with KTLA weatherman Mark Kriski, who has been hospitalized with viral pneumonia for what seems like forever. Not only have we not seen him on the air, his last tweet was more than a month ago, shortly before he underwent surgery.

Last night, Kriski’s KTLA co-worker Jennifer Gould tweeted us a link to this Kriski status update by Eric Spillman–who spoke to Kriski in the hospital by phone–on KTLA’s news blog.

He told me today that he will likely be released from the hospital later this week.  Then he needs to spend a few weeks at home, taking it easy, and trying to build up his strength.  After that, he can think about coming back to work.

“This thing really beat the hell out me,” he said.  “But the doctors told me I’m young enough to bounce back.”

He sounded upbeat, and he told me that he’s been walking around the hospital ward for exercise (but not for too long).

Get well, sir.

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