Young Naturists America Scolds Journalists for Krazy Kidz Adult Party Coverage

It’s unlikely very many journalists are going to be quaking in their winter boots over this.

But for the February record, here is the gauntlet that has been thrown down this morning by Young Naturists America co-founder Jordan Blum after investigating the media’s sensational coverage of a nighttime event at Long Island children’s romper room Krazy Kidz. The gathering featured pajama-clad adults and, at one point, a nude flash mob:

“The media coverage which focused on the nudity, has distorted the facts and relied on overly dramatic reporting. We would like to officially admonish those journalists who reported about the ‘Naked Adult Pajama Party.'”

“Thanks to such reporting, there is no doubt in our minds that the media should be held accountable if the venue goes under. We also would like to note that allowing such reporting to be published and aired is shameful, damaging and completely out of line. Their personal gymnophobic outlook is one of the main reasons why we have such a hyper-sexualized society that is plagued by eating disorders and body shame.”

All good, general points. However, what did event organizers and Krazy Kidz expect? This kind of juxtaposition is going to get the sensational media treatment, no matter what.

One event attendee has separately noted a broader and very familiar complaint about the media coverage:

It is extremely unsettling to see that not one of the people who were present and attended the event was interviewed to offer the truth about what happened. The only “news” that has been reported thus far has been a ludicrous over-dramatization of the events that took place. As far as I know, none of the reporters did their due diligence. They based their reporting on insinuations and hearsay rather than facts. Photos were posted, but without context.