Viva Mondelez International! Kraft Shareholders Approve Kooky Rebrand; Get a Load of the Logo

What’s purple, exotic, and possibly bleeding (a nod to the vampire zeitgeist?), with a vibe that is more “rock the kasbah” than “buy some Oreos”? No, it’s not Grimace after a wrong turn in Dubai but the newly unveiled logo for Kraft’s odd spinoff of its global snacks business. Despite the widespread mocking that greeted the company’s announcement that it had settled on the name of Mondelēz International for the new corporate entity, shareholders ate it up. Last week, the proposed moniker was approved by more than 90 percent of Kraft Foods shareholders who cast a vote. Mondelēz, which according to Kraft is “a newly coined word that evokes the idea of ‘delicious world’” and the product of a Frankenstinian fusing of names suggested by two employees (one in Europe; one in North America), will serve as an umbrella for beloved brands such as Cadbury, LU, Nabisco, Oreo, Tang, and Trident. The new logo features a custom typeface, complete with that jaunty yet mysterious macron over the second “e” (mohn-dah-LEEZ’!), flanked by red accents that are probably not meant to be blood droplets. Instead, we suspect that the design team was chain-chewing Trident Splash at the brainstorming session.