KPCC Puts Tami Abdollah on the Education Beat

In what is probably the first of several additional LA Times linked moves at Southern California Public Radio’s KPCC, recently transitioned blog editor Tony Pierce has hired former newspaper staffer Tami Abdollah (pictured) as education writer. Per Pierce’s e-mail memo:

Tami was staff writer for the Los Angeles Times for three years, covering a wide variety of topics, but she left the paper in late 2009 when she saw an opportunity to be a Reporting Officer in Baghdad, Iraq. She worked in Baghdad for almost a year until she returned to LA, but first she spent a little while in New Zealand writing about some trapped miners there.

Besides the Times, Tami has freelanced for The Wall Street Journal (while in Belgium and France), The Daily Beast, and also worked for a short while in Oregon at The Associated Press.

When Adbollah applied for the position, she wrote that “probably no other beat is as much an intersection of areas as education. It affects everything and everyone… If college is not necessarily the most useful destination for young people now, how do teaching methods and goals need to change? How are students reacting to these changes, and what are their thoughts about the future?”

As a student at UC Berkeley, Abdollah covered the local Unified School District for The Daily Californian. Thanks in part to a stint at the Sorbonne, she speaks French to go along with various levels of fluency in Farsi, Arabic and Hebrew. She started today.