Kournikova Opens Up to Capitol File

The Spring issue of Capitol File hit newsstands today, boasting a photo spread and cover-story about tennis player Anna Kournikova who has been focusing her attention on humanitarian efforts and providing relief to Haiti:

Kournikova has been quietly flying to Haiti and Russia to work with those in need. She’s talked with child slaves about their plight; she’s handed out condoms; she’s gotten AIDS tests to set an example for sex workers who often fear testing and the stigma associated with it and the disease itself.

On her recent involvement with relief efforts in Haiti Kournikova tells Capitol File magazine that “What I saw in Haiti was just ridiculous.” “When I spent summers in the [Russian] country-side with my great-grandmother, running around barefoot, at least we had water, we had fields, we could grow food and you weren’t eating mud cookies.”

“If you read a book, you get all the facts and statistics, but if you see [suffering and disease] with your own eyes, it really changes your whole understanding,” says Kournivoka.

Check out the full story and sexy spread in the March issue of Cap File.