Kotb Remembers Russert

NBC’s Hoda Kotb told this touching story on ‘Today’ yesterday:

Kotb: I flew from New York to Washington. I’m in the airport, I’m waiting for my flight, and I’m sitting there. And this guy walks up to me, he’s in charge of the U.S. Air counter, and he says, “Hi, I’m Mario. My heart is broken about Tim.” And I said, “Thank you, we all are.”

“Every time he came to the terminal he called me Super Mario!” And I said, “That ‘s so sweet.” So he said, “Can I see your ticket for a second?” So he took my ticket, it was like 10c, and he came back to me and said, “Tim always flew in 1D. He only wanted one seat, the aisle, he liked the aisle, he liked the first seat. Today, you fly in 1D — Tim’s seat.” And that’s the card. Can I tell you, I looked at Mario, Super Mario, and the thing that touched me about him is Tim touched everybody.