Korrecting the Kanapes

Does George Stephanopoulous serve canapes that often?

Regret the Error pointed us to a “rare” correction in the New York Times Magazine this week:

An article in the Lives They Lived issue on Dec. 26 about Mary McGrory, the Washington columnist, referred incorrectly to some guests at her parties. George Stephanopoulos was not at the first one attended by the writer, Maureen Dowd, though he was a guest (and occasional canape server) at some later ones.

When you have a correction like that, I don’t even want to know what the incorrect information was that it’s correcting.

Also, on a side note, does Stephanopoulus really figure that prominently in Maureen Dowd’s mental world that she invents more times that she’s seen him serving canapes than really exist? Does he do it that often?