Kornheiser: The ‘K’ Stands for ‘Khildish’

Tony Kornheiser, apparently a big fan of beating dead horses, sneaks the following paragraph into the end of his column about his trip to Memphis:

    We drove all night on the bus to get here and I had the strangest dream. I imagined passing a giant billboard and for some reason, it said, “How many ombudswomen does it take to change a light bulb?” And the answer was: “It doesn’t matter. An ombudswoman will still happily scold you in the dark.”

More interesting than the almost head-splitting, sandbox pettiness of Kornheiser, is this: Does Kornheiser, as a multimedia and multi-platform media rockstar, truly carry so much weight that no editor could have read that last paragraph, intervened and said, “Tony: This has no place in this column”?

Ms. Howell: We thought we’d never say it, but we got your back.

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