Koppel, Discovery Part Ways

From the statement:

    Discovery Communications and the Koppel Group have reached an amicable agreement to dissolve their relationship six months, 20
    before the expiration of the three-year contract that was due to conclude at the end of May, 2009. The mutual decision comes as Discovery Channel continues its focus on long-running series and specials in the network’s core nonfiction genres and emphasizes non-news content that has longer shelf life and appeal to audiences around the world. To date, the Koppel Group has produced fifteen hours of programming, including seven original documentaries for the network, all of which garnered critical acclaim.

    Koppel joined Discovery Channel in January, 2006 as Managing Editor, bringing with him his long-time executive producer, Tom Bettag, and eight additional producers and staff members from ABC News’ NIGHTLINE. …

    Koppel continued, “There has been significant change in senior management at Discovery. Producing our kind of news-related programs is an expensive proposition. It has long been clear that neither of us is interested in an extension of the current contract. Discovery and I worked on terminating the contract a few months early under terms that both sides found acceptable. We leave with gratitude for the professional opportunities we’ve been given and for the generosity with which we’ve been treated.”