Kool IM – Web Instant Messenger

Kool IM is another great service which gives you possibility to access different instant messenger accounts using just web browser. I wrote an article about eBuddy couple days ago which is also one of the most popular web based messengers.


It is really cool that you can access all most popular messengers like AIM, ICQ, MSN, Yahoo, IRC and Jabber in one place and without any software installations. I’m pretty sure that for most of users this looks like biggest advantage of such services, but there is also another great benefit behind these web apps. It gives also possibility to access to instant messengers if they are blocked by school or working place. Imagine that you are sitting in the school and you need to send some message to your friend but the instant messengers are blocked – no problem – use the web based instant messengers like KoolIM or eBuddy and access different messenger accounts and send messages.