LaunchBox Funded Koofers Gets $2 Million Series A

-Koofers Logo-Yesterday PeHub reported that Koofers, a Reston, Virginia based startup which was one of the first round participants in the LaunchBox Digital fund, “has secured $500,000 of a $2 million Series A”. I’m guessing that more cash will be delivered as various benchmarks are met. Matthew Jacobson of LaunchBox Digital says that “5 of the companies in LaunchBox Digital’s LaunchBox08 class have received additional formal funding.”

Considering there were only 9 participants in this year’s LaunchBox Digital round, the company is building a pretty good track record. There are 3 rounds that have not been publicly announced yet but I’m sure we’ll hear about them in the coming weeks. Koofers was also a recipient in the most recent fbFund which will have 5 final winners that are expected to be announced next week.

If you aren’t aware of what Koofers is, you can check out the video below. Koofers is a tool for sharing tests, quizzes, and class notes, something which I’m sure students around the world would love to have access to. Koofers also has a pretty good shot at becoming the default courses application on Facebook as no other applications have seen widespread success in the education space.

Web based education is a pretty hot trend as we’ve seen companies like Teach the People, which also was accepted into the most recent fbFund round, receive a substantial amount of buzz. The next step for Koofers is gaining traction, but it is definitely great to hear about another D.C. metro area web startup get funding.