Kony 2012 Group Invisible Children Is Making a Comeback

At least according to James Rainey in his most recent column from over the weekend.

Invisible Children has continued to pound away on its core mission of publicizing LRA atrocities. And last week, the rights group received credit from diplomats and activists for helping keep the pressure on for what finally may be an international initiative to move against the fugitive Kony.

The United Nations Security Council on Friday endorsed a plan for ending the threat from Kony and reintegrating his victims into countries — including Uganda, the Central African Republic and the Democratic Republic of Congo — where his militia has abused civil society. The African Union organized a coalition that pledges by the end of the year to put 5,000 troops from four African nations in the field to hunt Kony.

And on Wednesday, a U.S. House committee agreed to expand a State Department fugitive program, making those who track down Kony and his supporters eligible for reward money that can range from $1 million to $25 million. All this received coverage from a few wire services and Africa-focused news outlets, but little attention from big news media in the U.S.

Good for them… oh, wait, they helped secure military intervention against an aging, largely irrelevant warlord in an oil rich nation… and they’re somehow still financially viable despite the complete breakdown of their co-founder and director.

Nothing to see here.