Kontagent Announces New Funding And Product Upgrades

Kontagent, the leading social analytics platform, has announced a new suite of features and $1 million in funding. This new round of funding is mostly from Angel investors, but the company’s CEO and Founder Albert Lai told us that the company would be pursuing another round later this year. The company is primarily focused on Facebook application analytics, helping developers to optimize the viral loop within their applications.

Some interesting new features includes the ability to break down invitation and stream story performance among various demographics. Additionally, there are features to determine which demographics are “most viral” and which generate the most revenue (as the screenshots below provide). Given that a large number of new users are driven through Facebook Ads today, this monitoring will help drive future decisions about ad targeting.

Albert Lai told us that the company is now tracking over 50 million monthly active users on their platform thanks to a slew of new customers, most of which are from the gaming space. The company is now powering some of the games for PopCap, Tencent, CBS, Conduit Labs, PlayFirst, wooga, gaia online, TallTree Games, and many more. Many of these new customers came on board in the past few months following the release of kontagent version 1.5.

Simply put, building out an analytics platform which adjusts to changes pushed out by Facebook is the full-time job of a couple developer in-house, which makes the alternative of going with kontagent such an attractive option. If you want to view kontagent’s latest version, they’ve provided a demo for our readers to go check out.

For those more interested in the investment side of things, here’s the investment details as published in the company’s release:

The company has announced that it has attracted a new group of veteran social and casual games software pioneers as angel investors, including: Jameson Hsu, co-founder/CEO of Mochimedia (Acquired by Shanda), James Hong, co-founder/CEO of HotOrNot , Benjamin Sun, co-founder/CEO of CommunityConnect, Auren Hoffman, founder/CEO of RapLeaf, Greg Thomson, founder of TallTreeGames and creator of YoVille (Acquired by Zynga), Mike Sego, Chief Product Officer of Gaia and creator of (Fluff)Friends (Acquired by SGN). These investors will be joining Kontagent’s existing seed investors Naval Ravikant from The Hit Forge and Extreme Venture Partners.

Here’s a video that Robert Scoble completed with Albert Lai, the company’s founder and CEO.