Konstantin Grcic’s Work Speaks for Itself


If Konstantin Grcic‘s Chair One could talk, what would it have to say to a Louis XV ormolu cartel clock from 1760? What about Grcic’s Diana B side table? Would it trade verbal barbs with a 15th-century wooden cross, or might they hit it off? See for yourself in “Small Talk,” an exhibition that runs through January 27 at the Musee des Arts Decoratifs in Paris. Organized by Grcic, the show features a selection of the designer’s objects in dialogue with some of the works in the museum’s historic collections. And by dialogue, we don’t just mean they’re placed side by side. Hovering above the object pairings in cartoon-like voice bubbles are short conversations between the works, imagined by Grcic. The words slide by on LED screens. Be sure to bring your best French language skills (or Grcic fan Pierre Paulin), because toutes les oeuvres parlent francais, bien sur!