Kongregate Launches Konduit Application Platform

KongregrateYesterday, games portal Kongregate announced the launch of the Konduit Application Platform. In the past, the site has primarily offered indie developers a means to upload their games to Kongregate, granting them some of the types of social features found on Facebook. Now, with the new platform, developers will be able to utilize such features while hosting their creations from their own servers.

Through Konduit, developers will be able to use JavaScript, ActionScript, or REST APIs in order to integrate community features such as include achievements, chat, leaderboards, profiles, and virtual goods without having to be directly on the Kongregate website.

The difference, however, is that Kongregate has attracted more core gamers – gamers that seek challenge and reward – rather than your more laid back, and more common social only gamer. The idea is that core gamers still enjoy social elements, but many game genres such as MMOs (massively multiplayer online) or strategy games, which are often less success on sites like Facebook.

The MMO Sacred Seasons, which we covered just over a year ago, is one such example. Based on information presented to VentureBeat, the game did not see much success. However, after uploading to Kongregate, it has is now generating around $100 per 1,000 users. Now, the developer is looking to take advantage of the Konduit platform.

As for Kongregate, the site gets somewhere around 8 million monthly unique visitors, and hosts over 21,000 Flash games. Most are monetized through ads, but some of the business also comes from the aforementioned virtual goods.

Kongregate, and by extension Konduit, offers a virtual currency called “Kreds” that can be used to pay for goods inside any of its empowered games. Any sales made will be split between the developer and Kongregate with the latter taking 30%. A good deal for any up and coming games developer.