Kongregate Enters Facebook Territory

Yesterday, news surfaced that the social gaming site Kongregate had launched a Facebook widget which enables you to display your Kongregate profile data within Facebook. This is only the beginning as Kongregate recently raised a round of funding from Amazon founder, Jeff Bezos. I’ve been wondering for a while why many of Kongregate’s games are not already on Facebook. I have spent hours playing Dolphin Olympics 2.

Currently, the primary social level to Kongregate games is the chat room next to each game. Aside from that there isn’t much that’s social about the site. Their entry into Facebook should be interesting and given their financing and history of growth they should prove to be formidable competitors to SGN and Zynga, the current leaders in the space. There are a number of companies that are trying to become the dominant players in the space but overall this competition appears to making the pie a little bit bigger for everyone.

While nobody knows if users will grow tired of games on Facebook and other social networks, both Zynga and SGN have been relatively successful so far at retaining users. Kongregate already has a loyal following and hopefully that will transfer over to Facebook and any other platforms the company decides to launch on.