KOLN’s Hiring Spree

The next hotspot for local TV news? KOLN, in Lincoln, Nebraska.

TVNewsCheck reports that over the last 18 months, the Gray-owned CBS affiliate has grown its newsroom staff from 30 to 43 and is still hiring.

News Director Jerry Howard told TVNewsCheck that because bigger markets have been jettisoning their top talent, KOLN has been able to hire veteran newsers. “The news department is loaded with talent, and I’m hiring people with experience,” he says. “People with experience have perspective.”

KOLN GM Jason Effinger wouldn’t tell TVNewsCheck how much this investment has cost or whether it’s profitable, but he did say that revenue has been rising year-over-year. And, he added:

“We face the exact same problems that everyone else does in the media and with economics they way they are. But if we focus on the way we deliver news, weather and sports and help businesses grow and be a business, the rest of our problems are going to be very small.”