Koi bites the hand that reciprocally feeds the hand that washes the hand of Koi

It was a typical Friday night at Koi.

It was a typical Friday night at Koi. Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton, and Venus Williams were inside, enjoying pan-Asian fishy fusiony delights, along with Mischa Barton and reality TV’s ‘Giotti Boys.’ Outside, around a dozen paparazzi were lingering, until Koi manager Jorge Pultera called the LAPD. Police officers arrived, took down the names of the paparazzi, and warned them to respect the restaurant’s property. Reports the LAT:

[LAPD officer Jaime] Chacon said he and his partner, Michael Tilden, had watched a videotape inside the restaurant that indicated that some photographers were acting improperly. He would not elaborate.

But the photographers said they were doing nothing wrong.

“You might want to talk to your staff before talking to us,” one paparazzo said to restaurant manager Pultera as the officers copied down his personal information. “Half of your customers call us, that’s the catch.”

And that is the catch. Obviously, Koi depends on the paparazzi to maintain its high profile (and thus, profitability). Why was this night different from all other nights? What caused the tipping point? Unclear.