Kohl’s Goes ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ with J.Lo SoMo Campaign

Suffer for fashion

Who’s Jennifer Lopez, again? Oh right: she starred in a pretty good movie with George Clooney, got sunscreened by Ben Affleck and performed for some dictator. Anyway…

Kohl’s is betting a lot of money that people remember her with an ambitious campaign airing this Sunday that combines traditional ads with social engagement as so many do these days.

The interesting thing about this one is its “you choose the story” premise: J.Lo is headed to the American Music Awards and she needs your help getting to the stage because traffic is bad and she’d never take a Citibike (New York joke, whoop). If you want her to run across the tops of all the cars Batman-style then you tweet #JLoRoofRun, and if you want her to jump on the back of some random dude’s moped you tweet #JLoHitch.

Still with us?

This theme continues, with the damsel in distress hyping various items in her Kohl’s collection while crawling through tunnels, breaking out of locked rooms, avoiding the paparazzi and thoroughly ruining her outfit (don’t worry, she’ll make it to the dressing room with the audience’s help).

Kohl’s has yet to leak the spots, but their chief customer officer told the New York Times:

“I want people at their Thanksgiving dinner saying, ‘Wow did you see what Kohl’s did?’”

Color us skeptical: we always loved “Choose Your Own Adventure” books, but this campaign asks a lot of the notoriously ADHD audience, and it’s a pretty pricey experiment. Live-tweeing has worked wonders for shows like Scandal, but will people get as excited about commercials? And will J.Lo’s stage performance have enough mohawks to overshadow whatever stunts Miley Cyrus and Lady Gaga decide to pull?

Also: with this campaign you can’t really turn the pages back to see what would have happened if you’d made a different choice. And we have a feeling that J.Lo will get a happy ending no matter what you tweet.

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