Kodak Sharpens Focus on Sustainability

We’ve heard that George Eastman wrote only in green ink, so it makes sense that the company he founded is stepping up its ecofriendliness quotient. Eastman Kodak announced this week that it has adopted a new set of “sustainability goals” that over the next three years will aim to integrate sustainability principles into the everyday work of its employees, increase the number of Energy Star-qualified products, and measure and further reduce the company’s water usage worldwide. In recent years, Kodak has succeeded in reducing energy use and greenhouse gas emissions by 40% since 2002 through initiatives such as camera recycling and the development of waste-minimizing graphic printing technologies. Among the new goals are to further reduce greenhouse gas emissions (by 50% by 2012) and cut in half energy emissions at Kodak operations worldwide. On the product side, the company has pledged to “improve the environmental attributes of Kodak products throughout their life cycle” and take a closer look at the practices of their suppliers.