Kobo’s response on the Border’s Liquidation: We’re not closing, so please stop asking for a discount on the Kobo Touch

Kobo has released an official response to last week’s news about Borders going into liquidation on Friday. It can be summed up as this: Kobo is not dying with Borders, so there’s no need to tell the staff how healthy they look.

And stop asking how much for the fixtures. Hey! They’re still using that conference table. Put it back!

Joking aside, the press release doesn’t actually say much that’s new. Kobo doesn’t rely on Borders to act as more than one of many retail channels in the US (along with Wal-mart, Sears, Best Buy, and others). Kobo supplies the content for the eBookstore that Borders used to run, and it wills till sell eBooks in its own eBookstore long after Borders is gone.

via Kobo