Kobojo, Bulkypix announce closure of PyramidValley Adventure on mobile

Image via Kobojo

Social game developer Kobojo and publisher BulkyPix have today announced the upcoming closure of PyramidValley Adventure on mobile devices. The game invited players to build a desert oasis with the help of Cleopatra, Ramses and real-world friends.

First released in January 2012, PyramidValley Adventure on iOS and Android is/was free to download and play, offering dozens of buildings, crops and decorations for players to grow and build their villages. According to stats from Kobojo, over 1.2 million players downloaded the app, playing a combined total of 40 million gameplay sessions. Players shared over 550,000 gifts with their friends and completed over 14 million quests in total.

Players that still have PyramidValley Adventure on their devices will be given a “totally free period” of gameplay from today until the game’s closure on October 30. New app downloads will not be supported during this period.

“It is with deep regrets that we have to stop PyramidValley Adventure on iOS devices,” says Mario Rizzo, CEO of Kobojo, via a company release. “The Nile have [sic] seen a lot of players building some beautiful cities but the natural decrease of frequentation cannot allow us to maintain the game in the best conditions for our fans. So, with BulkyPix, we are forced to announce its definitive end.”

While the mobile version of PyramidValley Adventure is being closed due to lack of active players, BulkyPix has confirmed with Inside Mobile Apps that the Facebook version of the game (called just “PyramidValley”) will continue to be supported.

PyramidValley offers the same city-building gameplay as PyramidValley Adventure, and currently has over 340,000 monthly active users, according to our app tracking service AppData.