Kobo Touch Updated

Kobo’s latest and greatest eBook Reader continues to get better and better.

One of Kobo’s developers announced last night that they had just released a new firmware update. KT owners can now share details about the eBook they’re reading on Facebook as part of Kobo’s new Facebook integration. The update also enables searching for words or phrases within in a book, and it will now let you track your progress in a book from the library page. The update also adds minor tweaks and bug fixes as well as a few less obvious features like a low battery warning.

While it’s always good to get an update, you might want to wait on this one. One MobileRead member is reporting having problems after installing the update.

I just got 1.9.11 installed and already notice things are NOT well. I have many epub on my micro-SD, and things were okay on 1.9.10. But now when I try to turn pages, after a page or two, the book will be closed. And all the books on the micro-SD will not show up in KT. I have to either power-off then power-on, or re-insert the micro-SD card to get the books back. But once I start turning pages the same problem happen again? Now how can I rollback to 1.9.10? I cannot keep rebooting KT one page at a time.

But if you do want the updated firmware, you can download it directly to your Kobo Touch over Wifi or via the Kobo Desktop app, which runs on your PC. Visit Kobo to find out more details.