Kobo Touch Gets Price Cut – Now €129 at RedCoon

Earlier this week Fnac started taking preorders for the Kobo Touch at a discounted price, and today eBookNewser has learned that the discount looks like it’s going to be made permanent. Redcoon, Kobo’s retail partner in Germany and Austria, is now listing the Kobo Touch for €129. That’s €20 less than when the Kobo Touch was announced in Germany back in September.

A number of potential customers weren’t pleased when kobo first announced the European retail price of the Kobo Touch. Many thought that €149 was too high of a price, considering that it was selling for $129 in the US. This was also a smart move for Kobo because the Kobo Touch is now priced less than the Sony Reader Wifi and the Amazon K3, but it’s still priced more than the K4 (€99). The K4 is probably priced lower than Kobo can afford, so it looks likely that Amazon will be able to keep the lowest price point to itself