Kobo to Release HTML5 App

Kobo released an update for its iOS apps on Saturday, and that looks like it might be the last.

Today it announced that it was working on a new reading app which would free it from the clutches of Apple. Development of the app has just begun, but when it’s finished it’s going to enable Kobo to provide the most optimized experience for iOS users.

“Kobo believes in providing an open platform for users, and our HTML5 development will support the company’s current app strategy to reach a broader base of users worldwide,” said Michael Serbinis, CEO, Kobo.  “HTML5 allows us to add more features and update our popular Reading Life social experience far more quickly, providing an agile method to deliver advanced enhancements to consumers without limitation.”

The new app is primarily targeted at iOS, but it will be written in HTML5. That should make it easier for Kobo to adapt the app to work on more platforms faster that writing an app for each new device.