Kindle, Kobo, Nook Apple Apps No Longer Sell eBooks

In an effort to follow Apple’s new in-app selling rules,  eBook retailers Amazon, Kobo and Barnes & Noble have stopped selling eBooks through its iPhone and iPad apps.

In order to purchase eBooks from these retailers to read on your iPhone or iPad, you now have to do so using a webpage on the device. (eBooks purchased through these apps will still exist in a user’s app). All of these apps have new updates in iTunes.

The Wall Street Journal has more: “Mike Serbinis, Kobo’s chief executive, said Apple told Kobo Saturday that it could no longer operate its digital bookstore from its Kobo apps and had to stop selling e-books directly through them. Kobo subsequently altered the apps so that they no longer sell digital titles.”

The Google Books app is now missing from the iTunes store. We assume it is being updated and will return without the ability to buy eBooks.