Kobo for iPad Preview

Kobo on iPad from Kobo on Vimeo.

Kobo has posted a little preview of the iPad version of its eReader app, which you can see in the video above. The soundtrack certainly makes it seem very exciting.

Here’s an excerpt from Kobo’s press release that indicates what there is to be excited about:

Our customers are familiar with our slimmed down ‘Kobo’ format where we take content from our publishers, and standardize it for reading on smaller screens by taking out fonts, images, etc. However, for the first time we can publicly announce that we are done with that. Instead, all books read on the iPad will be full ePubs, as intended by the author, editor and publisher. We will still offer a feature that will let you apply our hand-tuned, optimized reading experience, but if you just want the original book, it’s now there for you.

Kobo joins the throngs of app developers who have found that iPad is indeed a powerful platform that offers more than bigger versions of iPhone apps. Though we’ll have to confirm that for ourselves on Saturday.