Kobo CEO Predicts $99 eReader and More for 2010


Kobo’s been in the news a bit lately, pushing its rebranding (the company used to be Shortcovers) and opening a UK eBookstore. Yesterday, company CEO Michael Serbinis posted ten predictions for eBooks in 2010 on the Kobo blog.

His predictions seem meant to provoke an industry that’s dragging its heels on certain issues. For instance, Serbinis suggested that we’ll see a $99 eReader in 2010, and by 2011 at the latest. “If you are selling an eReader north of $249, it had better sing and dance, clean the house… and make a mean souffle.” Or it better be called an iPad.

His most interesting point is about who will be producing the eBooks we read in the next few years: “By 2015, at least 50 percent of eBook sales will come from entrants that don’t even sell hardcopy books today.” He also says there will be $4.99 bestsellers, and that the Google settlement won’t be resolved anytime soon. Click over to read all ten, and place your bets.