Kobo App Now Available for Windows Phone 7 (kinda)

A new reading app popped up over the weekend for Windows Phone 7. It apparently only runs on Samsung phones, and it is somehow associated with the Kobo bookstore. I would not get it just yet.

The name of the app is “ebook”, and it does not appear to be an official Kobo app. Yes, it uses the Kobo eBookstore, but it is not clear that Kobo was the developer of this app.

Based on my Google searches, Kobo does not have plans to release a Windows Phone 7 app any time soon. The  most recent info available suggests that the app will be coming, just not in the first few months of 2011.

Also, this app does not behave like it was made by Kobo. The menu looks nothing like other Kobo apps. This app does not ask for your Kobo account info; instead it wants you to use an Adobe ID. Kobo apps don’t work that way. And one last point: you don’t see the Kobo logo in that first screenshot, do you?

That being said, if you get this app I would like to hear what you think. You can find it my sending this link to your Samsung phone:


Update: A demo video was posted on Youtube this morning by MobileTechWorld. It shows off a few of the features.

via MobilityDigest