Kobo Announces Partner Program, Unveils $150 eReader

Kobo, the eBook retailer formerly known as Shortcovers, a new partner program that allows device-makers to use Kobo’s software and eBookstore to power their devices, plus the company is selling its own new branded eReader to showcase the software for a mere $150 for a limited time.

The partner program is called “Powered by Kobo.” It’s an initiative to encourage device manufacturers to use Kobo’s eReading software as the OS for their eReaders. Kobo says such devices will debut later this year. No doubt we’ll be seeing a number of devices powered by Kobo soon.

But the bigger news may be the eReader, which, at $150, is one of the cheapest on the market. Here‘s the official Web site. As you can see from the image above, it’s sleek and Kindle-ish, with a stripped-down user interface. No WiFi or wireless, but it syncs with your computer by USB or bluetooth. Plus, it comes pre-loaded with 100 public domain eBooks.

Would you buy one?