Kobo Announces eReader Apps for Tablet Computers

Kobo, the eReader formerly known as Shortcovers, announced today that it is developing eReader apps for tablet computers and plans to release them in February 2010. And the company has all the base–even the invisible or imaginary ones–covered. According to the official press release, Kobo is working on apps for “for Windows 7, Android and additional operating systems.” You can bet one of those “additional” systems is made by a company whose name rhymes with “scrapple.”

It looks like 2010 will indeed by the year of the tablet, at least as far as eReaders are concerned. Kobo is one of many companies–Amazon among them–trying to capitalize on this week’s buzz about the upcoming tablet unveiling from Apple. Even if they don’t announce a tablet next Wednesday, everyone else has gotten a ton of mileage out of all the hype.

Kobo has a cool platform largely because the company has enabled syncing across various devices, soon to include tablets, though, fortunately, in a way, Kobo does not make its own hardware. So far, this feature is usually associated with devices like the Kindle and its iPhone and PC apps, meaning if you want to sync across devices, you’re tied to Amazon. No doubt we’ll be hearing similar news from other companies before next Wednesday when Apple is supposed to spill its very poorly kept secret.

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