Kobe is Correct: Lakers Nation Needs to…

Shut up.

It doesn’t matter if the Lakers lose to the Clippers tonight, just like it didn’t matter that they lost to the Mavericks and the Trail Blazers. Far beyond the first week of the 2012-13 regular season, they’re going to make the playoffs. And by that time, the team will be just fine.

Panic of this preposterous sort is what drives sports talk radio ratings. And so, if you have been listening – as we have – to ESPN 710 and KLAC 570, you are hereby forgiven for assuming the Lakers are 0-81 going into tonight rather than 0-2.

Mike Brown is the wrong coach… Steve Nash (likely out for tonight’s game) needs to initiate way more non-Princeton offensive sets… And it’s not just the local media going bonkers. Charles Barkley was all over the purple and gold during the TNT broadcast of the home opener and again, the next day, on The Dan Patrick Show.

Next thing you know, Sports Illustrated will be reprinting that recent Dwight-Steve cover photo with a new headline – “Time to Blow Up the Lakers?” To paraphrase a certain floor seat Lakers super-fan, everyone needs to actually figure out what the truth is before deciding they can’t handle it.