Kobe Bryant Shares Some Golden Post-Game Quotes

Every once in a while, Lakers star Kobe Bryant likes to cut through the cliches and provide sports journalists with a delightfully different perspective. Last night at Staples Center was such an occasion.

Fresh off 40 points against the Golden State Warriors, the Black Mamba laughed off the panicked reaction that had ensued the night before in light of his 0-for-15 first three quarters against the New Orleans Hornets. He told espnlosangeles.com’s Arash Markazi that “the amount of idiots that live out here after 16 years is baffling… I guess people just get dumber over the years.” Bryant also hinted at a possible reason he might finally consider joining Twitter:

Bryant laughed when he was told his poor performance Saturday was a trending topic worldwide on Twitter… “I guess on Twitter you don’t have to respond to idiots, do you?” Bryant said. “You can block them, right?”

That’s correct. As long as Bryant stays away from the “Connect” button on the Twitter navigation bar, he can find blissful, virtual sanctuary from the idiots who, as he reminds at the very end of Markazi’s report, surround us all.

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Photo: holbo/Shutterstock.com