Kobe Bryant: NBA Champ, Gold Medalist … and Columnist?

Superstar reveals his softer side

Following in the footsteps of Michelle Obama, Kobe Bryant proves that the NBCUniversal shortlist for stand-in editorial talent is about as exclusive as it gets.

This week, the popular NBCUniversal women's lifestyle site iVillage has been enjoying a surge of publicity as a result of its partnership with Michelle Obama, who is curating content as iVillage's first in a series of guest editors. Obviously, when the first lady speaks/tweets/blogs, many are inclined to listen, but her presence is also drawing additional star power. As of this morning, Kobe Bryant joins the website as a guest contributor to Obama's "Back to School" themed week of content.

For Bryant, who has met the first lady on multiple occasions including this month's Olympics Games, the writing gig is a serious departure and perhaps an attempt to show the softer side of the aging NBA All-Star. Bryant's piece will address Obama's theme of embracing healthier habits. What can you expect from the superstar?

Well, this is Kobe's take on nutrition: "I started experiencing low energy and feeling bloated. Then it hit me. Kobe, you’re not 25 anymore (when I had pepperoni pizza before scoring 81 points). It was time to adjust…lots of veggies, fruits, fish and lean meats."

And he shares advice on living better: "I think too much sometimes and forget to simply enjoy the blessings around me. So I have to remind myself to see the beauty in life, look for the good in people, laugh and cry, be angry, get frustrated, be happy and be myself. These are all important parts of the ups and downs of life. Live to learn. Learn to live!"

While Bryant will inevitably have to shake off some ribbings from his teammates and the sarcastic sports blogosphere, the five-time NBA champion is fresh off an Olympics gold medal in basketball and no doubt able to handle the jabs. Plus, having the first lady's backing doesn't hurt.

For iVillage, the addition of Bryant is a nice bonus to what has been huge PR event for the site. According to James Kreckler, vp of ad sales for iVillage, Michelle Obama's guest editorship has resulted in a phenomenal past few days. "We've seen tons of interest as the quality of content from the first lady creates a certain trust element for advertisers looking for solutions with a unique point of view," he said. 

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