KNV to Ship iriver Story HD on Thursday

The German book wholesaler and eBook distributor Koch, Neff, & Volckmar announced today that it now had iriver’s new 6″ eReader in stock, and that it would start shipping the device to its retail partners later this week.

KNV is a distributor, not a retailer, and for some time now it has distributed ebooks to retail partners. The iriver Story will be tied to the KNV supplied ebookstore, and local booksellers will get credit for eBooks sold via their stores.

KNV has prepared extensive marketing materials for the 7 thousand bookstores that it works with, including brochures, signs, and demo tables. With the addition of the iriver Story HD, KNV will now have a complete platform consisting of a device and the content to read on it. According to Wikipedia they have around 35 thousand titles in their ebookstore.